When we share knowledge with others, it creates keys to unlock victories large and small. Strong communication skills have been vital to me as an educator, just as they are in the marketing and communications fields. 

I speak digital; Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Hubspot inbound, social media, marketing automation, and more. I've always been a visualizer, and I secured a B.F.A. in Photography in undergrad. Regularly comparing my work to that of more seasoned photographers made it hard to be complacent, and I focused on repeatedly one-upping myself. Curiosity, practice, and a little good fortune brought my work from modest roots to a year in Michigan's capitol. 

From an even earlier age, I wanted to learn more about the world and myself. In South Korea, I've expanded my perspective, evolved philosophically and professionally, and even started a family. In addition to teaching part-time with eight separate clients and being a father of two, in 2015 and 2016 I've taken a lot of courses offered by great universities through Coursera, which have helped cultivate in me a great appreciation for marketing. 

In 2017, I've turned my attention to inbound and am HubSpot certified. Also, I've been doing a lot of B2C e-commerce this year - something that I started in April of 1999.

In my photography, I love to capture and share small, interesting moments. Likewise, as I gain experience as a marketer, I’d like to ever more accurately capture, analyze, and share information about our customers’ journeys in an ever-evolving landscape.

My hobbies include travel, cooking, cognitive play with my children, and exploration of visible and audible media. I am a curious person, and routinely query Google to learn more about things. I have good time management, try to better my past work, and have a sturdy foundation in visual media, advertising, and marketing, both in theory and practice.

I’m interested in a position where I can continue to challenge myself, aiding others in the pursuit of better communications and marketing return on investment, in the good spirits of a results-driven, positive work environment.

Ryan Krym