Making organizational appeal more personal is crucial to the cause of bringing decision-makers together. Strong communication skills have been vital to me as an educator and marketer, and I am passionate about adapting and delivering content that brings value to audiences in Minnesota and beyond.

My teaching background helped an educational services provider to see an increase in conversion rates with public school decision-makers each year between 2015 and 2017, and it has helped my CPA firm's experts to see the value of LinkedIn for B2B business development.

I grow our subscriber groups and engage with them through social media, email, and blog content. It's rewarding to work in Office, Adobe Suite, Wordpress, et al. and art direct and produce content alongside our experts in my position as a Marketing Specialist. Painting a picture with words can be just as effective as the curation and creation of imagery—but my usual approach is "Why not both?"

I've always been a visualizer, and I secured a B.F.A. in Photography in undergrad. Regularly comparing my work to that of more seasoned photographers made it hard to be complacent, and the denouement of my undergrad was a year of my work in Michigan's capital.

From an even earlier age, I wanted to learn more about the world and myself. Living in South Korea expanded my perspective, and I even started a family. In addition to teaching part-time with eight separate clients and being a father of two, I took a lot of digital marketing courses which helped form in me a deep appreciation for marketing and augmented my ability to provide distributed practice in ESL for professional learners.

My hobbies include travel, cooking, computers, asking my children questions, the exploration of visible and audible media... and I enjoy that people take away different lessons from art. Have a minute? I encourage you to explore more of this site for my blog, a marketing project, and visual work. And you can check out or find us on Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook to see the content that I produce alongside our experts as a Marketing Specialist at Redpath and Company CPAs.

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Krym