Fire walks are touted as a demonstration of mind over matter. Cool confidence in a hot situation. They don’t violate any natural laws either. Like feet, wood is actually a rather poor conductor of heat. However, some people’s conduct during a Tony Robbins seminar led to some of them getting burned. As you can see by clicking here, if you take selfies during a walk over the coals, it can backfire.

How did we become insulated from taking a hard look at our habitat? Technology allows us to do wonderful things, but can also distract us from reality. The Balkanization of media and channels not only provides a challenge – and opportunity – for marketers, but can also detach us ever-more from common sense and common purpose.

Degrees of separation from our surroundings promote partisanship. We fight over the slices of pie when we could instead try to build a bigger, better pie together. Community is always there, you just have to look for it and become part of the solution.  For companies, beyond just providing employment, giving back in programs that invest in their area acknowledge the long-term relationships that successful businesses need to maintain to secure longevity.

Future technology has always excited me, but I hope to always keep one foot firmly planted in my environment and community. That way, we can never forget what makes us great, how much we have in common with each other, or that the fire within us can elevate each other personally and professionally.