How do you go from getting your business information entered in the phone book and Google Maps to having your logo trigger thoughts of you as a leading player and trusted solutions provider in your industry?

Building brand equity takes work from your teams and managers, and it takes time. You need to design and implement a set of guidelines for where and how you display your branding and get buy-in from everyone who will be creating content around your products and services. Big players everyone has heard of got the message long ago – for example, Wal-Mart has an entire tome devoted to how exactly to display their brand.

Want to play a fun game? Try to draw a brand that comes to mind – maybe one of the big, famous ones. Go ahead, take about 30 seconds.

Now, you could compare your depiction to those of the participants of an informal study in Austria. It’s interesting to see what you or others remember about a brand’s logo, isn’t it? I wonder what customers also draw from memory when they think about past exposures and experiences with a brand. It’s the old game of telephone, isn’t it? The further information gets from the source, the more likely it is to be different.

At the source itself, we do have control. With a clear, consistent direction for our branding and messaging backed up by solid marketing, sales, and post-purchase experiences, we’ll give an increasing number of people the confidence to become customers, and existing customers to expand their business.