For a long time, we Americans have been friends with Puerto Rico and others, but not with another close-by nation, oh-so-close to Florida. The end of the trade embargo with Cuba can probably allow a freer exchange of goods, services, ideas, and money to cross the channel down there, to the benefit of the U.S. and Cuba.

You know something funny I read about that whole debacle though? As part of the laundry-list of things Cubans has trouble getting from the United States, American pesticides were not readily available to Cubans for the last few decades.

Meanwhile, we hear about colony collapse disorder and bees dropping like flies. This is worrisome because ‘bees are bros’ - they enable the production of all these different crops. I don’t know about you, but that list makes me salivate as it contains a dozen or more foods I’d graze on in a heartbeat.

Guess who hasn’t had an issue with their bees? Did you guess Cuba? They can now export high grade honey, made possible by our productive little friends. I guess there was a silver lining to the whole trade embargo after all.

Maybe there’s something in your life that you wish you could have that you think would make it better. If you remember the example of the bees and the embargo, maybe you’ll see that opportunities have potential downsides, wait a time, mull it over, and maybe find a better one – or at least go in with eyes wide open. I’m working on that. Best of luck to you all!