Do you make or consume modern art? My family recently visited such a museum – it’s something I regularly come back to because I know that my perception of my environment before and after is always subtly adjusted. I subscribe to the belief that anything can be art, and that its quality of being art is determined on an individual basis rather than by an overall consensus.

Some works move me more than others, but they usually have a commonality in that they reflect a deliberateness that is human. It’s difficult to disengage consciousness from a creative endeavor, though attempts have been made throughout history.

Is it wrong to shed humanity in favor of the subconscious or unconscious creation? Does it teach us anything in the marketing space? Perhaps in marketing, as in art, there is a balance to seek.

See marketing automation. It has its critics! Some say it lacks the authenticity of live-posting each message to social media or the connectedness of a made-from-scratch note or email. In the modern age of marketing, however, we don’t have to guess.

The data is in – and it shows that automation gets results. Your social audience never sleeps, and you have a lot of contacts in your database. Here are seven ways to automate.

In 2017, I’ve been studying inbound marketing and automation in HubSpot, as it and CRM suites like it allow you to roll your contacts, personas, campaigns, and strategies into one convenient solution.

With the tools of the modern age of marketing, science elevates your art into something that is easier to discover and more likely to be interacted with, by putting your hard work on the right channel at the right time for your audiences. Whether in the artist’s studio or a marketing agency, automatic processes can unearth real value.